Air Cargo Area

Riyadh Airports Company seeks to increase the efficiency of air freight transport through multiple air freights services providers, which will create a competitive environment that will contribute to developing and upgrading services and products provided to customers, in addition to raising the capacity of the air cargo area to reach more than 1000.000 tons per annum, which is a double of current capacity through the construction of advanced buildings and the development of existing facilities.

Air cargo operators at King Khalid International Airport

Saudi Airlines Air Freight

  • The current capacity is 370,000 tons per year (current facility being developed)
  • The expected capacity in 2020 is 500,000 tons per year (new facility under construction)

Second Air Cargo Operator

  • The target capacity is 500,000 tons per year

Fast postal parcels companies


  • Design stage (Export - import – Transfer)


  • Operating (Export - import – Transfer)

Saudi Post

  • Design stage (Export - import – Transfer)

Naqel Express

  • Design stage (Export - import – Transfer)


  • Design stage (Export - import – Transfer)


  • Design stage (Export - import – Transfer)


  • Design stage (Export - import – Transfer)

The target capacity in 2020 is approximately 50,000 tons per year in an average of 175 tons per day

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