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Welcome to the 'Business Opportunities Online Platform'. The go-to platform for KKIA's suppliers and investors. A brilliant product of the Digital Transformation Strategic Plan Framework for improving all services provided to our partners.

The Platform contributes significantly to fostering solid partnerships with current and potential suppliers and investors in the public and private sectors. Moreover, the platform will fully automate RAC's tendering processes; uncovering new business opportunities, developing cooperation, promoting the quality of supply services, unlocking commercial and investment opportunities, and assessing expected returns.

The 'Business Opportunities Online Platform' will offer its users an array of services, including bidding and procurement management, programs on developing connections with partners, and 24/7 support. The Platform will also provide extraordinary features and advanced competitive technical specifications to ensure agility in business performance, accuracy in data gathering, ease of doing business, and transparency. This will be the result of conducting advanced assessments in analyzing the system's basic conceptualization. A step that will unveil a qualitative leap in performance efficiency for investors and beneficiaries.




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