“Towsalik” Service 

“Towsalik” service will enable the transportation of home workers from King Khalid International Airport to the employer’s house in Riyadh as a first stage of this service. This service will exempt the employer who has a home worker traveling through King Khalid International Airport from coming to the airport.


Follow the requires below to get the service:

All what the employer has to do is to ensure that the service request is completed prior to the home worker’s arrival with at least 24 hours, by contacting the call center, providing them with the date of when the flight will be arriving, the travel data of the home worker, and providing the house’s location to which the home worker will be going, and then pay the service fees through SADAD, then the company will handle all the procedures of the home worker’s arrival, and drive them home through specially equipped and designed means of transportation.


For booking & inquiries on “Towsalik” service, please contact us on:

Call Center: 920020090




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