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“Riyadh Airports” Company manages and operates an essential entity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Khalid International Airport, which is characterized as a strategic front of the capital of Saudi Arabia, that is considered as an important meeting point among the three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. KKIA operates 24/7 without interruption to serve more than 26 million passengers a year from all over the world, to provide the best services to all passengers of the airport, which reflects its vision of excellence.

Based on this strategic vision and partnership approach that the company follows, “Riyadh Airports” offers the opportunity for local and foreign investors to participate in the business opportunities at King Khalid International Airport.


Business opportunities available at KKIA include the following sectors:

  • Retail sector.
  • Food & Beverage sector.
  • Real Estate Sector.
  • Utilities sector.
  • Products and Services sector.


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